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Which Branches Go?


Starting point on an Ezo spruce that belongs to Michael Hagedorn. Can you improve this tree by selecting branches to remove?

Today’s post is borrowed from our friend Michael Hagedorn Crataegus Bonsai blog. We’ve offered a whole lot ‘which pot would you choose’ exercises over the years, but hardly any ‘which branch.’

We’d love to see your choices. If you’d like to share them and perhaps your reasons too, you’ll need to visit us on facebook. Give us a couple days after we post this before it goes up on facebook.

Choice A.

Choice B.

Choice C.

Choice D.

Choice E.

Here’s Michael’s caption for this one… “Just for kicks, here’s where we started with the Ezo in December, 2016.”

Here’s your link to Michael’s original Crataegus Bonsai post. And here’s one to an earlier styling of this tree by Michael.

Check out Michael's excellent books too!

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