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Today Is World Bonsai Day...!


This Japanese beech planting belongs to Sergio Cuan, who happens to be the illustrator for Michael Hagedorn's Bonsai Heresy


Today is World Bonsai Day, so here they are... world bonsai. So many people have generously offered photos of their trees and the variation is spectacular. All types of trees from almost everywhere, and they range all the way from magnificent to strange and back (you can substitute 'daring', for 'strange' if you like). We put some up Wednesday, now here are a lot more for your viewing pleasure.

All the photos shown here are from California Bonsai Society's World Bonsai Exhibition pages on Facebook (scroll down the bottom for the link). Enjoy!

Full Moon Maple (Acer japonicum). William N. Valavanis


"The Calligrapher" (Pemphis acidula) Robert Steven


Phoenician juniper (Juniperus phoenicea). Zino Rongo


 Golden pinball. Sanjay Dham 


"A bonsai exhibition is incomplete without pots..."  Bonsai Monogatari


Juniperus chinensis. Andrea Junger


Ficus phillipinensis. Juan Llaga


Trident maple, Root-over-Rock. Mark R Cooper


Lebanese cedar (Cedrus libani). Mugo Ferrari


Bucida (Terminalia molineti). Enrique Castaño


Chinese hackberry. Marge Blasingame


Cork bark Chinese elm. Michael Roberts


Chinese elm (Ulmus parviflora). Ed Trout 


Cadetia Kusamono. Bonsai Monogatari 


"From BIG to small" Mark Arpag


We started this post with one of Sergio Cuan's offerings and now we'll end it the same way. Eastern white cedar (Thuja occidentalis)



 One of Sergio's illustrations from Bonsai Heresy


Here's your link for the California Bonsai Society's World Bonsai Exhibition pages on Facebook


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