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David De Groot's Bonsai Demonstration


A couple months ago bonsai artist, teacher and author David De Groot took a trip to New Zealand where he had been invited to do bonsai demos and teaching. Fortunately he also took some photos.

Before shot of one of Dave De Groot's demo trees in New Zealand. It's a Thuja (Arborvitae), often called Cedar here in the states, even though it's in the Cypress family. Dave says it's an urban yamadori (tree collected from a landscape). No matter how we label it, we can all agree that it's a monster. 

Four hours and four hands later (Dave had an assistant). Looks like a promising direction and to my eyes has the mark of Dave written all over it.

Before. This pine was getting ready for another Dave De Groot demo somewhere in New Zealand.

After. Windblown, nice touch!

Trident maple in what looks like late fall color. This and the other photos shown here were taken by Dave De Groot on his recent NZ trip. It might have been spring here, but it was autumn down there.

This unusual pine was also shot by Dave. 

More tree from Dave's trip. 

Seduction! Courtesy of Dave. 


Gallery Sources:
David De Groot on FB

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