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Take a Bonsai Walk on the Wild Side - Denver Botanical Gardens


We've got some great wild ones for your enjoyment. They make their home at the Denver Botanical Gardens. We found them at the American Bonsai Society (ABS) on Facebook. 

Thought we'd lead with this one. Even though the tree is a little lost against the background, still its shape is quite distinctive like so many yamadori (bonsai collected in the wild) and you can see what it is (barely). 

Feel free to guess or simply enjoy without knowing (no captions, so some of today's trees will remain unidentified). 

Another yamadori (I think they all are, with possible exception). Based on the bark and foliage, you might guess spruce for this one. Or, maybe if your eyes are young enough...

Aha, another Ponderosa. Endowed with an excellent nebari and of course well-aged bark. I wonder if it was close to this near-perfect informal upright shape when it was dug. 

Nice tree. 

Would this one surprise you if it turned out to be a Rocky mountain juniper?

Twisted! Could it be another Ponderosa?

Limber pine. The foliage and the bark are a little different the Ponderosas. 

Needles are smaller on this pine. Still even with a magnifying glass I can't make out the name.

I think this one says Carpinus coreana (Korean hornbeam). Most definitely not a native. 


Gallery Sources:
American Bonsai Society on FB
Denver Botanical Gardens website
Todd Schlafer's First Branch Bonsai

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