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Digital Bonsai Theft & Other Crimes & Misdemeanors



Did that huge apple really grown on this small tree? Occasionally you see fruit that is glued on, but in this case I think it's the real deal.

There’s something a little shady about putting your logo on photos that don’t belong to you, though in a world with more than enough serious corruption, this practice barely registers.
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I've seen this tree before, but can't remember where, or what it is. It's even possible that it has appeared here on Bark.

Continued from above…
I can’t read the text where I found these photos (I’m not going to link them, for obvious reasons) but you can assume that they are, in addition to being falsely represented, unattributed.

All this might beg the question… why post these trees? The answer is, I like them. Plus they provides an opportunity to bring up malfeasance on social media, a topic worth mentioning.



A sweet Japanese little maple


I've always liked quince flowers


I would recognize this little Rhododendron anywhere. It belongs to Morten Albek and appears in his Shohin Bonsai book (out of print) and on his blog.

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