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Dreaming with Nature


Playtime! Mauro Stemberger titled this impressive Scots Pine Playing with Nature. He might have added Dreaming with Nature (Mauro calls his bonsai world Italian Bonsai Dream). The fiber glass container is the handiwork of Felix Ellhardt.

All the trees shown here today are Mauro's masterpieces from his FB timeline. All except the first came with no identification. You can guess if you want. Or if you have time you might even be able to track the names down.

Italian Bonsai Dreaming In the Garden.

In the Garden again.

Still In the Garden.

This is a magnificent old tree. Though it does bring to mind a snake about to strike.

A massive trunk with what looks like centuries of texture and movement. The companion looks like it might be growing on a rock, though it's hard to make out all the detail.

A labor of love. All of Mauro's deciduous trees shown here show impressive fine branching (ramification).

This yamadori pine look as though it was squashed by eons of heavy snow. Mugo pines grow in the Alps and other mountains, so it does make sense.

There can be little doubt that Mauro has a penchant for very large bonsai. In this case a very large bonsai with an appropriately large shari. Even the exposed roots have been carved.

It's hard to tell the size on this one, but it's probably bigger than you think. It's also hare to tell how that piece of deadwood on the left is managing to float in space.

One more by Mauro. The rock was made by Erik Križovenský, a master of unique pots and other creative vessels for planting bonsai. No mention is made of the type tree, but it looks like some type of Juniper.

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