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Eccentric or Just Delightfully Unusual Bonsai


This may be the most conventional of the bonsai shown in this post, though I don't think most people would pair it with the word 'conventional.' More like unique or at least unusual, or maybe just excellent (both the tree and its striking pot). It looks like a pine as do all the trees shown here, but no variety is given. All we have is the name of our source, Anh dep bonsai, and these remarkable photos

Before we go on, I suppose it would be remiss not to mention Bunjin. Or maybe Literati would be better in this case (or maybe they're just two words for the same thing?). Here's a link to a post on Bunjin. And here's one about Literati


More unique? Can you even say that? 


This is the one that first caught my eye. When it popped into view the thought that came to mind was... 'aha eccentric bonsai, we have a theme!' Though I suspect eccentric is a poetic usage when applied to things rather than people (except for the more scientific definition which roughly means 'off center')









Here's a link for more of these wonderful trees


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