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Elegantly Designed Bonsai by Danny Use (aka Danny Ginkgo)


I know we featured Danny Ginkgo's trees (Danny Use's trees) way back in the day, but I couldn't find them anywhere, Anyway, we've got some some recent photos of what Danny has been up to that I think you'll enjoy.

I count nineteen trunks on this classically designed Fagus sylvatica (aka European beech) forest. It was posted by Danny Use (aka Danny Ginkgo) and lives at the Bonsai Center Ginkgo, Heirweg 190, 9270 Laarne, België (aka Belgium).
All of today's photos were posted by Danny and presumably make their home at the same place. 

Danny's caption reads: "Kei Bonsai Kai" Ten - Crataegus van Nico DC. FYI, Crataegus is Hawthorn. 

Danny's caption with this Shimpaku: "Kei Bonsai Kai" Ten - Juniperus chinensis van Patrick VDK.

Danny's caption with this Japanese maple says: Acer matsumurae van Rudy VDW.
Matsumurae is a variety I'm not familiar with (feel free to look it up, though I couldn't find much useful info).

The caption on this one says: Sabigawa van Patrick VDK. When I looked up Sabigawa,, Juniperus sabina comes up. Can we assume that Sabigawa is Japanese for Sabina? 

This one is a Pinus pentaphylla. Some sites say that pentaphylla is a synonym for parviflora (Japanese white pine) and others say it's a parviflora sub species. 

 This one says: Prunus mahaleb, aka Mahaleb cherry.

Danny's caption says: Juniperus parsonii van Marnic DT. Parsonii is a variety of Chinese juniper (Jun chinensis). van Marnic DT seems to refer to Purple martin (bird), but I'm not sure why and don't quote me.

Aha! A ginkgo by Danny Ginkgo. 

Danny demoing. 

Lush, luminous and verdant Hinoki forests by Danny Ginkgo. 

A simple, flowing Japanese maple with companion. Here's the caption: Acer p. Aragawa of Wouter C.

Clean lines, good movement. Simple raw power. Caption reads: Juniperus squamata  van Dirk H. 

Though not everyone defines trees by style, this pine is a good example of what you could call slanting style. Pinus pentaphylla by Patrick VCr.

Phillyrea van Nico DC. Phillyrea is sometimes called false Olive. It's from the Mediterranean region. 

Ginkgo biloba van Alain DB.

Juniperus parsonii by David R.

Juniperus chinensis van Patrick VDK. Displayed In a Tokonoma.

A rustic Tokonoma. I lost the text for this photo. The root-on-rock tree looks like it could be a Full moon maple. But don't quote me. 

Cydonia van Tom H. in another rustic Tokonoma. Cydonia is type of quince. 


Gallery Sources:

Danny Ginkgo on FB

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