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Tiny Bonsai Master - Haruyosi


Haruyosi, master of tiny trees is back. We love what he does and are sure you will too.

Here's a small, richly complex flowering quince by Haruyosi.

And here's a tiny quince also by Haruyosi (as are all of today trees).

Haruyosi has presented an abundance of magnificent mini Shimpaku junipers over the years. These three are all excellent examples of his mastery.

Twisted Japanese black pine. 

Tiny Trident. 

Haruyosi also makes his own bonsai pots.

More flowering quince. Haruyosi will remove the flowers before potting.


Last but not least, a Flowering cherry.


Gallery Sources:

Haruyosi on FB

盆栽鉢 春嘉

Haruyosi Bonsai Bark archives

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