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Bonsai Empire's Conifer Course - Elevate Your Bonsai Skills & Knowledge from the Comforts of Home



I've long been a fan of Oscar Jonker's Bonsai Empire. Oscar and friends consistently post timely bonsai information along with beautiful photos, and their videos that are among the very best. Ditto for their bonsai courses for beginner to advanced enthusiasts. They fit right in with Bonsai Empire's overall high quality

Here's a course on conifers that we'd like we'd like to encourage you to consider

Bonsai Empire's Developing Coniferous Bonsai course is centered exclusively on Coniferous trees like Junipers, Pines and Spruces. The teachers, Walter Pall, Mauro Stemberger, Harry Harrington and Jan Culek, all highly accomplished bonsai professionals, explain and demonstrate how goals, as well as techniques, should be approached in the developmental stages of conifer bonsai


Body language! Walter Pall a long time favorite here on Bonsai Bark
performing his bonsai magic

Though the videos do show masterpiece Bonsai being worked on, the focus is mostly on younger less developed trees in the lower price ranges, which is helpful to those of us who don't have access to top quality bonsai 

Harry Harrington, another favorite of ours, uses his expert hand and eye
to illustrate all important apex development

 Some of the things discussed are; selecting suitable pre-bonsai material, setting the primary branch structure, making big bends, creating Jin and Shari (deadwood), designing the apex, selecting the right pot, wiring and more. The course consists of 23 lecture-demos, with over 10 hours of video tutorials.

Mauro Stemberger digging into the ins and outs of choosing the right pot
(and yes, Mauro is also one of our long time favorites)

The price is right! For $64.99 you get unlimited access to all the lecture-demos, without any recurring fees
or hidden costs


Harry is not afraid to make a big bend



Jan Culek putting together one of his masterpiece rock plantings  


It's a good idea watch the trailer right now, before you forget




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