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Before & After Bonsai with Harry Harrington's Impressive Carving Skills on Full Display


A dramatic before and after by Harry Harrington. Here's Harry's caption... "Studio shots of the Escallonia* bonsai I carved and styled last week as a commission. As can be seen, the trunk has an impressive 14”/36cm diameter base and the bonsai is now 24”/60cm in height overall. Can’t wait to see this one develop!"

It has been a while since we visited Harry Harrington. Just in case you don't know Harry, he is a well known and respected bonsai artist, teacher and author of three excellent bonsai books
Continued below...


Before. It helps to start with great stock, which might beg the question... 'could Harry have done less carving and relied more on what was already there?' 

Continued from above...
In addition to all around bonsai chops, Harry is especially known for his carving skills, which are reflected in the transformation of the tree shown here. Harry is also a student, tireless proponent and connoisseur of the art of bonsai (stay posted for Harry shots of other people's bonsai at Bonsai Sans, a major European bonsai expo)


Before. Close up of the trunk


After. Harry is known for his carving skills and he doesn't disappoint. However, some of our readers have expressed that they are not too enthusiastic about the bonsai carving 'revolution,' and I agree that sometimes less is more. But still...


A closer look


No caption necessary. Though I am curious about the T-shirt 

*Though Escallonia are native to North and South America, they are new to me 

 You can visit Harry on his Bonsai4Me website and on Facebook


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