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Extreme Bonsai & Other Wonders


This wild, almost scary little beast looks suspiciously like a Larch. It was posted by Giacomo Pappalardo, someone who often posts impressive European larch (Larix decidua) bonsai.

A little piece of Giacomo's bonsai garden...

...which he calls (you guessed it!) Extreme Bonsai. Do you recognize the tree?

Another Larch. Giacomo says it's 15 years from seed.

Another piece of Michael's world. This time it's the Oregon coast.

This lovely shot is the header on his Luis Vallejo's FB page which features shots from his famous Museo de Bonsai in Spain.

Another shot from Luis Vallejo's Museo. BTW, though I've never visited Luis' museum, if you've been following Bonsai Bark and our newsletters for a while, it's plain to see that his museum is one of our favorite digital destinations. And we're never disappointed.

One more of Luis' masterpieces.

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