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Stunning Bonsai by Luis Vallejo


Today we lucked upon a wealth of formal display photos of Luis Vallejo's collection. They were taken at this year's Tantai Exhibition in Vitoria Spain and featured on Santi Lorenzo Borda's FB timeline.

Pine with a companion that looks like it could be a pot. This tree and the rest featured here belong to Lusi Vallejo. No varieties were given and we'll spare you the guessing game today.

Perfection. If you saw this without the pot and nothing else in to lend it scale, you'd have little idea of its size.

It's good to have a companion.

Balancing act. We've featured the tree on the left a few times over the year. Its smaller companion also looks familiar.

Here's one of my favorites of Luis' trees that we've shown a few times over this years. In fact it once got me in trouble. The perils of guessing. It is, according to Mariusz Janusz Komsta a beech that is native to Europe.

I don't think you see that many full cascades with such massive trunks. Not that they don't exist, they're just not that common.

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