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Fat Trunks, Small Pots




Japanese maple, borrowed from Bill Valavanis' blog. Bill took this photo at this year's Kokufu (the World's oldest and most prestigious bonsai exhibition) along with several dozen shots of other remarkable trees. But there's something about this one that keep me coming back. Part is the way the massive trunk almost fills the pot, something you don't see every day and almost never with Japanese maples. And there's more, including the tree's unusual movement and direction that might make you wonder what it would look like shot from other angles.

With the exception of the tree above, all the bonsai shown here belong to Tomohiro Masumi.  All, including the tree above have the full-pot look in common. And by the way, I have no real problem with this, but I do wonder if the relatively small pots are for show, and if the trees spend time in pots that are more conducive to long term health.


TMAINTime to repot? I'm not sure I've ever seen a tree with a nebari that fills the entire pot. Tomohiro Masumi doesn't say what the tree is with any of these photos



Another case of the stuffed pot syndrome. Looks like a Japanese black pine


You  can see just a little soil around the trunk here. And check out the taper!



Another Japanese black pine?

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