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Bonsai Beginner to Bonsai Master


A daring Bonsai Masterpiece from this year's Kokufu Exhibition. No doubt the work of someone you might call a Bonsai Master. Photo courtesy of Bill Valavanis


I don't think most of us will achieve mastery in the art of bonsai. But I would never deny the possibility. If you're a beginner or relative beginner, then you have a ways to go. And if you're an intermediate student of bonsai, well, then you also have a ways to go. Either way, why not work in that direction. Who knows your hidden potential?
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This magnificent Chinese quince (Pseudocydonia sinensis) was a prize winner at the 2013 Kokufu Exhibition and work of someone with a high degree of mastery in the art of bonsai (or perhaps it was handed from master to student to master... every bonsai has its story). Photo courtesy of Phoenix Bonsai Society


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Below are two books that can help you on your bonsai journey. The first is one of the very best we've seen for beginners, and the second is one of the very best we've seen for intermediate bonsai students (two groups that cover about 99% of us)


This gnarled old Trident maple root-over-rock is from the 2018 Kokufu. Another example of bonsai mastery. Photo courtesy of the ever present, tireless and masterful in his own right, Bill Valavanis
 Another masterpiece bonsai from the 2018 Kokufu
This time it's a root-on-rock rather than root-over-rock 
The artist is Masahiko Kimura (The Magician)
the most famous of all the Bonsai Masters
Photo by Bill again



This wonderful new book is one of the very best
beginners bonsai books we've seen
Easy to follow, expertly written, photographed & put together
A Masterpiece in its own right
Only 14.99
(and hardcover no less)
Available at Stone Lantern


This great bonsai design book is our number one best seller
and the best we've seen on bonsai design for a very long time
an essential book for anyone who already has 
some bonsai soil under their fingernails 
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