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A Bonsai in Every Other House



You don't see trees like this everyday. Or pots like this for that matter

Today's photos are all from Luutruongson Bonsai in Hanoi, Vietnam, a country that, according to Robert Steven has a bonsai in every other house. Perhaps Robert exaggerates, or maybe not. Either way, you get the idea

In addition to how rugged and unique that trees are, you might notice the pots. Many are strikingly unusual and would add interest to any bonsai collection. If you could figure out how to display them without overwhelming the rest of your bonsai


A little tamer than most of the trees shown here, with its well balanced twin trunks, but it still shows that same ruggedness


Speaking of unique pots...


 Is this tree crawling along the ground?


A little change of pace. Wild and rugged to be sure, but a little more conventional in overall shape 



The tree at top of the post in situ 


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