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Yamadori Bonsai - The Home of the Most Extensive & Dramatic Collection in North America


This Rocky Mountain Juniper is estimated to be 500-800 years old. It was originally collected in the Rockies by Ryan Neil. The pot is by Ron Lang. Styling by Ryan Neil. It's available for purchase at Mirai Bonsai

Though there are other places with quality North American yamadori* (Nick Lenz' comes to mind, but I think he's sold much of his collection), Ryan Neil's Bonsai Mirai is almost certainly the home of the most extensive and dramatic collection in North America (there are hundreds on their site)
Today it's three of Mirai's Rocky mountain junipers. Though there are plenty of others to choose from (I just counted 45, each more dramatic than the last), I picked these three almost randomly, not because I thought they are the best (that would take too long to figure out), but just because I like them and thought each was different enough from the other two to provide some interest 


*Yamadori are bonsai collected from the wild 


Closeup of the tree above



Rocky Mountain Juniper, estimated 250-500 years. Collected by Randy Knight. Pot is antique Chinese. Styling by Ryan Neil. Available for purchase at Bonsai Mirai

Twister. Rocky Mountain Juniper, estimated age 250-500. Collected by Randy Knight. Pot by Sara Rayner. Styling by Ryan Neil. Available for purchase at Bonsai Mirai

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