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Godzilla Refines a Monster Bonsai – Before & After



Before and after Rocky Mountain juniper (Juniperus scopulorum) by Todd Schlafer. The tree belongs to Mike Andrews. For the Godzilla reference, scroll down to the bottom of the post

Continuing with another before and after transformation by Todd Schlafer (see Oct 19th).
Here’s a quote by Mike Andrews (facebook)… “Progression of collected Rocky Mountain Juniper. Collected by Randy Knight, delivered to my house September 2016. Initial design and structure setting with Mauro in April 2017. Fertilized heavily and full sun 2017 and 2018 growing seasons resulted in very nice dense foliage. Finally detail wired and pad formation by Todd yesterday. Now to watch the tree develop next season…”






Close up of the deadwood circle. You can barely see a piece of the base of the trunk peeking through (lower left)



Todd Schafler with his impressive accomplishment and his Godzilla T-shirt

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