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Before & After Bonsai – the Desire to Improve What Most of Us Might Settle For



Before and after Shohin pine by Koji Hiramatsu. No size or species is mentioned, but you can tell it is quite small and you might guess it's a Japanese black pine simply because it's a favorite in Japan and the after shot looks like it might be one

Continuing with another before and after, though moving way down in scale from yesterday’s monster. The photos are from Koji Hiramatsu’s fb timeline.


I like this before version. Maybe that's what distinguishes the best bonsai artists; the desire to improve what many of us might settle for



A close up of the trunk and the piece of deadwood that Koji decided to move up (see below). I can't tell if he removed it and glued it back on, or if he managed to lift it while it was still attached



After. New pot and redesigned trunk and crown

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