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Two Exceptional Bonsai from 2019 Bonsai San Show


Here’s part of Harry Harrington's caption for this photo he took at the European Bonsai San Show last weekend "...a fantastic Pinus sylvestris/Scots Pine bonsai by Mauro Stemberger in an Eric Krisovensky pot." I cropped Harry's original (it's below) for a little closer look at the tree

I'm floored by the bonsai I've seen so far from the recent European Bonsai San Show. Not that I haven't been floored before by great bonsai, but these are the latest, so the excitement is fresh. Will the rest be this good, or did Harry Harrington cherry pick his favorites?  I'll let you know soon. Meanwhile, see if you can stay off of the floor


Same tree, different angle and a closer look at part of Eric Krisovensky's extraordinary hand built pot 


Close up. The bark and deadwood lend a feeling of age. Actually it's more than a feeling, the age is real. You can create aged looking deadwood if you're good enough, but you can't create aged bark


Harry's original photo 


Prize winning Potentilla. Time for a close up of tree number two (I cropped the original, just below). Here's part of Harry's caption... "the winner of the Bonsai4me award for ‘Best Deciduous Chuhin/Kifu Bonsai In Show... in a category for deciduous bonsai between 21 and 45cm in height... was a Potentilla fruiticosa bonsai by Jirka Novak in a bonsai pot by Klika Kuratkova" For the rest of the caption and much more, you can visit Harry on Facebook (see below for links)

This perfect small tree is worth at least two thumbs up. Particularly knowing how difficult it is to keep a Potentilla looking this good

Harry's original photo, with companion and...? 


 Another crop. This time for the detail on the trunk

 Here's your link to Harry on Facebook where these photos are from

You can also visit Harry at his Bonsai4Me website

And, if you like books, Harry has three good ones, two of which you can find at Stone Lantern


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