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Japanese Beautyberry & other Fruiting Bonsai



This brilliant little Japanese beautyberry (Callicarpa japonica) is well named indeed (it's nice when the name of a plant says something about how the plant looks; an onamonapia of sight). 
I found this photo on Bonsai Empire They attribute it to AR&B*, but I think AR&B picked it up somewhere else and failed to attribute. Looking at the tree, I'm almost certain that the pot, tree and photo are from Japan.
The rest of the photos in this post are from an old Bark post called Luminous Fruit. The artist is Katsumi Komiya.

If you’ve ever tried to grow fruiting bonsai, you know that getting perfectly healthy, beautiful fruit to grow and stay on your trees is no mean feat (birds, wind, insects and other problems will surely conspire against you). Especially on such small trees.

It’s Sunday, the sun is out and I’m getting a very late start, so it’s back to out archives. This post originally appeared here July, 2015. It plays nicely into our small,  hand held bonsai theme

kk3Another very sweet little tree with luminous fruit and a colorful pot. I think I can say with complete confidence that it's a crab apple.


kk2-770Another little gem in a great pot. Looks like a quince. The size of fruit brings up an interesting point; you can dwarf leaves by defoliating, allowing the roots to become pot bound, etc, but you can't dwarf fruit on an individual tree (you can dwarf fruit genetically, but that's another story). Thus the very large fruit on a very small tree.


kk5-770At a glance I thought those little red things were fruit, but on closer examination, I'd say they look a lot like little quince flowers. Most likely a Chojubai.


kk1-770Most def another crab apple in yet another great pot. The tiny tree makes the two little apples seem huge.

*Associazione Rock’n’Bonsai

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