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Keen Observation & Considerable Skill



Windswept bonsai are few and far between. Especially really good ones like this. It's not just a question of pointing everything in one direction. It must be done in a way that's convincing. This involves keen observation and considerable skill

We haven’t seen many bonsai from India, but if these trees are representative, I’m impressed. Beyond impressed really, they are that good. They were posted by Sanjay Dham. No varieties are given.


On the surface, literati (bunjin) bonsai seem simple enough. But it's really about feeling  and subtlety. Like the windswept tree above, a literati has to be convincing in its naturalness



Strength, balance, taper (all the way out to the twigs) are a big part of what makes this tree so compelling. And then there are those uro (holes in the trunk) that add age and character


Three trunk or one? Either way, it's a monster with its massive base. The twisted twigs look like they were wired, but I suspect they grow that way (you don't often see wiring on tropical bonsai)

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