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Kiwi Bonsai


Getting the old girl spruced up for a competition is all Martin Walters has to say about this one. And though it speaks quite well for itself, it would be nice to know more (this is not a complaint, just an expression of interest).

I can't remember ever featuring bonsai from New Zealand, though memory has its way of playing tricks so feel free to correct me. Anyway we've got some delightful trees by Martin that we're sure you'll enjoy.

This was posted earlier than the photo just below. Though both are good, I think this sparser version with more of the branches exposed is more appealing.

This one has a one word caption: Jabba.

Not sure how the vertically alternating sun and shade happened, but it does create an unusual effect. No mention of the variety, but you can tell by the leaves that it's a Japanese maple.

Martin wrote the following about these four photos: Some detail carving work today on this Privet that is just starting coming into spring growth. A good sign that spring is around the corner and things will get better!

Here's Martin's caption for this one: Sweet little cedar in new shoes. A fantastic dragon pot from Thor Holvila.

Wire on. Wire off.

Rainy day workshop in Auckland is all we get with this one.

Stonking hot day in New Zealand! Playing around with summer design (anyone from NZ care to translate stonking?). BTW, it's the scroll that caught me. Legumes anyone?

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