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More Marco


Freshly repotted Mugo pine by Marco Merschel. If you compare with the photo below you'll notice that the planting angel has changed slightly for better balance.

Because we are so happy with the photos by Marco that we put up this week, we've got some more for you today. Enjoy!

Here it is in its old pot.

Twisted Mugo pine. Text in captions is quoted from Marco's captions.

Marco says he's looking forward for styling this mugo pine, maybe in the autumn, you have to patient with such old trees.

Thuja (Arborvitae) from a seedling.

Larch with cones.

Spruce-cascade in development.

Rather than the highly finished look, Marco seems to lean towards the more naturalistic feel with most of his trees. Marco's caption reads nice yellow foliage of a carpinus-raft.

A rock formation in Saxony, Switzerland.

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