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Kokufu Bonsai Forest & Other Multi Trunk Plantings


 Close up of a forest planting at this year's Kokufu Exhibition. The original photo is just below. This is the only photo in this series where the species  is not listed

It's Kokufu time again. This time it's four multiple trunk plantings. All were posted on fb by Kazematsu Bonsai


This first planting is a true forest planting where each tree is separate (no shared root systems). The dominant tree is planted toward the front which in contrast to the much smaller trees further back and to the sides gives a feeling of great depth and breath. You might imagine that the first tree once stood alone in a large meadow and over the years seeded the others 


At first glance I thought this Needle juniper (Juniperus rigida) was a sinuous root planting, but I can't tell for sure, as it's possible that the trees are all on their own roots like the planting above. The large piece of deadwood which appears to be part of the main tree is an unusual feature in a multi trunk planting



 We'll call this rugged Trident maple (Acer buergerianum) a single tree with a three trunks, though it's possible that they were originally two or three trees that were fused together (there's a suspicious line between the two on the left)



This Japanese white pine (Pinus parviflora) looks like a sinuous root style, though it's possible that a single tree or two were added for interest (the little one on the far left looks like it could have been)   


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