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Local Bonsai Man, Bill Valavanis, Is Having Too Much Fun


The local bonsai man we're referring to lives in the Rochester NY area. 

We'll start with this famous Seigen Japanese maple. If you've been around a while, you've seen it...

... but have you ever seen it like this?
And by the way, that's Bill Valavanis our 'local bonsai man' just in case you haven't figured it out (and if 'local' is Rochester, NY).

Here's what Bill wrote about this maple. "This afternoon I thinned out my large Seigen Japanese maple, well almost defoliated it. The fine twigs must now be checked and thinned out."

Moving along. 

Almost there. This may be that moment where he said... "The fine twigs must now be checked and thinned out."

So much of success is about making good choices. Here's what Bill wrote about this pot and the choice he made... "Yesterday I finally figured out what to plant in the wild commemorative container from the Omiya Bonsai Cooperative. Made from the Koyo Kiln. So today I plated it with large Horsetail."

Quoting Bill Valavanis again... "Today we transplanted my Scots pine I've been training for 50 years.  Needs repotting! Last time 2012."

It's already transformed some over the years. Now to see what Bill does with it. 

Looks like the roots are trying to push the tree out of the pot. 

Aha! Transformation complete (for now at least). 


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