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Teeny Bonsai Beauties


We've got some exquisite teeny trees for your enjoyment today.

Four powerful shohin trees by Miyazato Rintaro. Two junipers and two pines.

Miyazato Rintaro posted these four small trees in 2019. Here's a strange machine translation for you... "For Sale. I'm going to give it to the net in the afternoon. This time, from mini bonsai to small pieces, We have a tree with sights. Please contact us"

Machine translations have gotten steadily better over that last few years. By now you might expect something a little more sensible. 

Bill Valavanis took these two photos at the 45th Gafu Ten Shohin Bonsai Exhibition in Japan. Both are Shohin and both are in strikingly brilliant yellow pots that are so strong that only extraordinarily strong trees could hold their own. And, as you can see, both trees do just that. 

This tiny Shimpaku juniper belongs to Yoshiyuki Kawada. As do the next three trees below.

Teeny pyracantha (firethorn). 

No ID given, but it looks like it might be a Crape myrtle. 

Another Shimpaku juniper. 

Whoa! Just found this photo on FB. Looks like Yoshiyuki knows something about making pots too. 

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