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Shimpaku Junipers, Bonsai that were originally prized in Japan and are now prized around the world


Juniper with shadows and wisteria in full bloom. The tree and the backdrop are from Luis Vallejo's collection. I found this photo and the others shown here at Bonsai Empire

All, or virtually all of the old collectable wild Shimpaku junipers in the mountains of Japan, have ago long been harvested for bonsai. It looks like the trees shown here might belong to that group of yamadori bonsai* (bonsai collected from the wild) which means they must be quite valuable. But I imagine you can tell that just by looking at them 

* There are other possibilities, so we can't say for certain that these all came from Japan


I cropped the photo above for a closer look at the trunk, especially the interplay of the deadwood and live vein, a feature that is often exaggerated by carving on old and not-so-old Shimpaku


This shot was taken at the Bonsai San show in France


Here's another shot from the Bonsai San show


Again, cropped for a closer look. Good cascading bonsai like this one are not that common, as it is challenging to keep the lowest growth healthy and vigorous. You might imagine that this one was originally growing down the side of a steep mountain or cliff


This shot was taken at a temple near Tokyo 

Here's your link to Bonsai Empire for more great photos


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