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Make Your Bonsai Look Like a Tree


When I first saw this photo, John Naka's oft repeated comment, "Make your bonsai look like a tree" came to mind. Not only does this one fit the bill, but it does it with natural elegance and beauty that you don't see everyday

John Naka is known for many things, including the saying "Make your bonsai look like a tree." It's good advice though some bonsai look more like trees than others. In fact, some are so stylized and abstract, that they might only suggest a tree, if even that. But this one (above and just below) is easy to imagine as fully grown tree. 

By the way, this is not meant to be a criticism of highly stylized bonsai, just an observation about one bonsai


Cropped and enlarged for a closer look at the textured trunk, nebari and primary branches. I found the original photo on Hendra Mawan's timeline. I think the tree is his, but until a few hours ago I'd never heard of him and it's not really clear from the caption (translated from Malay)



Learning how to visualize and sketch bonsai is an excellent way to sharpen your eye and improve your trees. Here's your link if you're interested


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