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Quality Bonsai by a New (to us) Bonsai Artist


This Mastic Tree (Pistacia lentiscus) belongs to Andrija Zokic. I cropped the original photo (it's just below) for an up-close look at the trunk

We're always on the lookout for bonsai artists we haven't featured before. However, finding quality photos of bonsai that suit our taste and that are attributed and identified isn't always that easy

What I'm trying to say is that we're excited about a new (to us) artist whose trees are unique, express quality craftsmanship and posses an intangible quality that moves us (I'm the only one here, just a little wary of the incessant first person pronoun). Anyway, hIs name is Andrija Zokic and he lives and practices bonsai in Croatia


The uncropped original


Mock privet (Phillyrea latifolia). Looks like this one is slated for repotting at a slightly adjusted inclination


Cherry plum (Prunus cerasifera)


Andija's caption for this one reads "Mastic Tree No.03 in retro pot by Horst Heinzlreiter." 


Cherry plum (Prunus cerasifera). You probably noticed that Andrija likes guy wires


 Mahaleb Cherry ( Prunus mahaleb). I cropped this one for a close look at Andrija's carving. And again more guy wires. Speaking of, our tie pots are built for training with guy wires

For more on Andrija's bonsai, you can visit him of fb. Or just stay posted, we plan on a followup soon


Tie Pots 

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