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Masterpiece Penjing


A near perfect penjing, bonsai or whatever you choose to call it. The tree looks like a Shimpaku juniper. Perhaps it was collected in the Mountains of Taiwan where these are abundant.

All of today's photos are from the 4th Zhongguo Feng Penjing Exhibition courtesy of Bill Valavanis. Bill posted them on his Welcome to My Bonsai World blog, one of our favorite destinations.

Literati style Penjing. Literati dates back hundreds of years to when Chinese poets, artists and calligraphers were called Literati. Once you know this association with calligraphy, it's easy enough to see why (the Japanese word for this style is Bunjin - literati and bunjin are often used interchangeably by English speaking bonsai enthusiasts).

I might be reluctant to call this one literati. It has the tall thin trunk with most of the branching toward the top that we associate with literati, but the abundance of rich foliage speaks of a life that's may be too soft for literati, which are typically associated with the kind of hardship you might find on a cold, high mountain cliff or other inhospitable environs.

Halloween tree. With a little imagination it might be scary. No variety is given.

Bonsai candelabra with deadwood.

This elegant Princess persimmon is Bill's favorite from the show.

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