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Monster Trees


Here's a rather impressive multi-tree Siberian elm. I count 31 trunks.

Today we've got some monster and less than monster penjing from a site called LingNan PenJing. Penjing is bonsai that is commonly found in China and Southeast Asia (especially in Vietnam where bonsai is everywhere). It is not nearly as popular in North America and much of the West, where most bonsai are influenced by the Japanese tradition. Still, the best of penjing is spectacular, though it might take some getting used to.

Just in case you think we're exaggerating when we say monster Penjing.

Still a penjing, but a little closer to Japanese influenced styling.

This type tray is common in penjng forests and other landscape plantings. There are no drain holes by the way. This does not present a drainage problem if you know what you're doing.

This type tree-rock combination is fairly common in penjing. Little human and other figurines are also common in penjing. This one works to perfection by instantly creating the illusion size and space.

If this were in Japan I think it might qualify as bunjin (though the trunk is a little heavy). In China they are called Literati (Wenjen). This term comes from caligraphy and dates back at least to Han Shan and the old Cold Mountain masters.

One more 'monster' shot from LingNan PenJing

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