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Another Soft Spot - Michael's Chojubai Flowering Quince


I think it's safe to say that Michael Hagedorn's his a soft spot for his Chojubai dwarf flowering quince (both of them, see below). Here's his caption... "Chojubai in a nakawatari Chinese container, the pot about 5 times as old as the plant..."

I'm always struck by Michael Hagedorn's respect for his craft and how this respect comes through whenever I visit his website or his fb timeline. And though photos are never the same as up close and in person, they are often the best we have and far better than nothing. Especially when there are flowers 



Michael's other Chojubai. Is it only me, or are others stuck by the purity of color in quince flowers?


This one lives in Japan. Here's Michael's caption... "A well-known root-over-rock Japanese flowering quince ‘Chojubai’. 45 cm high."

The next three photos are flowering kusamono from Michael's bonsai garden. You can read his captions and see more brilliant bonsai and kusamono in his portfolio and on his blog




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