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A Perfect Bonsai Blend of Wild and Tame


Close up of an old yamadori Mugo pine's trunk. It belongs to Mariusz Folda. Here's his caption... "Pinus mugo in training at IBUKI for 16 years." IBUKI is Mariusz's Bonsai and Ceramics studio in Bielsko-Biala, Poland

There’s a lot to like about this old Mugo pine. Aged bark is always a plus as is deeply fissured, naturally colored deadwood. Perhaps most striking is the way the foliage clings to the trunk and primary branches, creating a low canopy, that along with the bark and deadwood tells the story of a rugged life high in the Alps (or some other European mountains).

Though, perhaps the foliage has become too lush for our story of such depredation. Maybe sixteen years in a well tended bonsai garden is just a little too comfortable. No matter though, it's still a beautiful tree. A perfect blend of wild and tame

There's actually is a good chance that this one did come from in the Alps. Many of best Mugo pines are collected there. All the photos in this post are from Mariusz Folda’s timeline. IBUKI Bonsai and Ceramics Studio also has a facebook page.

The whole tree with a good look at how tight the foliage is and how it clings to the bones of the tree. And speaking of the bones... not so bad!

Another close look at the base of the trunk. This time you can see the moss on the soil surface. A nice touch

A piece of the garden at IBUKI

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