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More Sweet Little Trees & Bonsai Books Galore



At a glance, this is a sweet little freshly trimmed Shimpaku bonsai. But if you let your glance linger, you might see just how much age and character this tiny tree expresses. There's that relatively massive little trunk and its rugged twists and scars. There's also the impressive branch development for such a small tree. Altogether a masterful little bonsai. The photo and tree belong to Haruyosi, as do the other photos shown here.

Continuing with Tiny Trees, we’ve got Haruyosi today, one of the true Mame Masters with some freshly trimmed tiny Shimpaku junipers.
*Mame is bean in Japanese and is used as a name for tiny bonsai.

Just in case you don’t know who Haruyosi is… I think it’s safe to say is addition to being a Mame master, he is equally, a master bonsai potter. All the photos shown here are from Haruyosi on facebook.




As long as we’re featuring Junipers…

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