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Sweet Little Trees & a Bonsai No No



This little gem looks like it might be a mini Mandarin orange tree. Or maybe a Kumquat. No name or attribution is provided

I like small bonsai. Especially when they are photographed handheld to provide some scale. Unfortunately, the business fb site where I got these photos didn’t provide any information on varieties or artists/owners. Perhaps to impart the impression that the trees belong to them. One  photo of a Haruyosi tree even had their name on it. A definite no no (see below).


Impressive! For just a moment, you might think this is a large juniper. At least until you see the fingers. The background looks like the walls at David Benavente's bonsai garden, though a quick trip through David's site didn't turn this tree up



I know this brilliant quince is a Haruyosi (here's your evidence). Worse than not making any effort to identify or attribute is putting your name on something that doesn't belong to you, which is exactly what was done (I cropped it out)



Another Haruyosi. This time a juniper. It would have been so easy to find the source and attribute



We originally showed this rather spectacular little Shimpaku juniper a little over two years ago. It's not unusual to see a photo of someone holding a small bonsai in one hand. However, you almost never see a photo with two hands. This two handed approach gives the feeling that the tree is being offered. This photo is from Japan Shohin Bonsai, though I found it this time on the above mentioned site that shall remain unnamed


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