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Mugo’s Magnificent Bonsai



This magnificent Japanese beech (Fagus crenatawas posted by Enzo 'Mugo' Ferrari. Though the trunk and nebari are about as good as it gets, the primary branching still needs some time to develop. Right now there are branches in the crown that are as strong as the first and second branches. Mugo's skillful hand and eye and a few more years are all that's needed for perfection

Today’s photos are from Mugo (Enzo) Ferrari’s timeline. I think all but one were shot at the recent 2018 Miyabi Ten Bonsai Exhibition in Cison di Valmarino, Italy



Great tree and without a doubt one of the best bonsai shadows you'll ever see.



This one looks like it's just about ready for a new pot



Pine and shadows in display with companion at the 2018 Miyabi Ten Bonsai Exhibition in Cison di Valmarino Italy.


Our lead tree from above also in display at Miyabi Ten Bonsai Exhibition

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