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Mini Bonsai Work Stands - Small Trees, Big Results



Just in case you haven't heard, our new Green T Mini Shohin Bonsai Work Stands are still going strong. Their sizes are small, but their potential to improve the way you work on your little trees... and the results, are large indeed

The secret is the 3Axis technology with its tilting system that rotates on a sphere. For stability it comes with a mechanical lock and straps to secure your bonsai. This allows you to change the inclination of your small trees in ways you may have only dreamed of

The S Model has a firm suction base to attach to a table or other similar flat horizontal surface and the V Model attaches with a C-clamp

For specs, other useful info and prices, here are your links to our website; Green T Mini S model and Green T Mini V model.


A Shohin Shimpaku resting on a Green T Mini V model Shohin bonsai work stand 


Green T mini and the ancient art of sword trimming. Looks easy, but your sword better be sharp!


S Model with Shohin pine 




Hall of Fame bonsai artist, teacher, author, publisher, organizer, entrepreneur and everything in between and beyond, Bill Valavanis with his V model Mini Green T

This Green T Mini Work Stand S Model is a work of art on its own... is the V model


From horizontal to vertical and everything in between

V model on the left and S model on the right.



The contemporary art of trimming small bonsai on a beautiful Mini Shohin Work Stand (V model)

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