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Omiya Bonsai Art Museum Gallery


We can't go too long without visiting The Omiya Bonsai Art Museum. A brilliant place full of rare and magnificent bonsai treasures presented with elegance and good taste.

A trunk-from-roots Satsuki azalea.

A Satsuki in bloom. If you look closely, you can just make out how massive the trunk is.

Multi trunked Satsuki. This one is all about the flowers.

One more Satsuki azalea. Interesting pot color. Would you have chosen it?

A Japanese maple with its summer foliage.


Here it is again. In fall brilliance with a little summer color left over.

No caption came with this one but it looks a lot like a Japanese white pine.

And here's a Japanese black pine with fresh spring candles just sprouting.

A powerful old Ezo spruce with bright new spring growth.

A long time favorite of ours. It's three Shimpaku junipers with companions on a magnificent cliff-like rock.

Triple trunk Trident maple with some space for the birds to fly through.

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