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One Trunk Dead, the Other Alive & the Importance of Identification



Pine with parallel slanting trunks that start as a single tree and split at the base. One trunk dead, the other alive. It caught my attention because it's a somewhat unusual slanting tree with the pot and the visual weight of the foliage balancing each other perfectly. This and the other photos shown here were posted by Scott Lee. The caption reads Back in the studio with Peter Tea and Bonsai Kazem #japaneseart

Sticking with Scott Lee (see yesterday’s post) we’ve got three photos that he posted on facebook recently. Unfortunately, none are identified. I’m not sure why so many people put up photos without mentioning the varieties. I can’t be the only one who wants to know what kind of tree it is…


Again, no identification. I hope it's an olive because that's what it look like to me

Someone I respect recently suggested that I make more effort to identify the trees I post. I completely agree about the importance of identification and of attribution as well. However, researching can be time consuming and often doesn’t yield results anyway. If the tree belongs to me or if I know the variety, you’ll be the first to know. If everyone would do at least that much, especially if the tree belong to them, that would be a good start



Pine bark! Scott didn't mention the variety

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