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Twisted – a Happy Accident



Here's what Scott Lee wrote about this tree... "A sad day for me. I had my bonsai selected for the 1st Artisans Cup in Portland, Oregon. This year the weather has been unpredictable and challenging for my area. The tree's health is not up to my standards nor Ryan's..." Continued below the next photo... 

I just stumbled upon this unusual beauty in a post Scott Lee put up back in 2015. Purely a happy accident. The tree is a great example of an unconventional bonsai where little effort is made to make it naturalistic.  Though there are plenty of twisted bonsai, especially yamadori from high elevations, I don’t think you’ll see any quite like this (not yamadori), with its uniform twists piled so neatly on top of each other. Anyway, I like it, and the Suthin connection doesn’t hurt either (see below).

twistorigScott's original photo, with a particularly strong companion plant. No variety is given, though Scott does say the unusual pot is by Keith Kitoi and the little slab below is by Dave Lowman (see below for links)

Scott, continued from above… “Here is a peek of what I was going to show at the Portland Art Museum this month. Kishu shimpaku from Royal Bonsai Garden (Suthin), Sara Rayner suiban pottery,  Jerry Braswell display stand, Keith Kitoi Taylor accent pottery and Dave Lowman display slab. An all American display. I want to thank everyone for there artistry in the American bonsai sceen. Good things are happening here, for that I am grateful.”


twistcucuI cropped Scott's original photo for a closer look at the trunk

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