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Our Top Two Recommendations for Must-Read Bonsai Books


First, if you don't have a copy of David De Groot's Principles of Bonsai Design, it's time. And if you know a bonsai lover that doesn't doesn't have their copy, soon it will be December: time to express your unbounded generosity.

The second book we recommend for bonsai enthusiasts is Michael Hagedorn's Bonsai Heresy, a deep dive into the art and science of bonsai. Scroll down for more from Dave De Groot and Michael Hagedorn.  

David De Groot's now famous Redwood bonsai bridge. David is one of North America's most respected bonsai teachers and the author of Principles of Bonsai Design. He was also the curator of the Pacific Bonsai Museum for 25 years (Weyerhaeuser Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection at the time). 

Principles of Bonsai Design by David De Groot

Dave De Groot's Masterpiece is back. And it's better than ever. New content and superior new layout & design makes the best English language how-to book on Bonsai Design even better. If you really want to learn bonsai, all the way from basics to advanced design principles and techniques, this is the book for you.

A piece of Dave De Groot's meticulously well organized, clean and all around impressive bonsai collection. 

A young and happy Dave De Groot with the great John Naka 'The Dean of American Bonsai.' Circa 1974. 

Michael Hagedorn is the author of Bonsai Heresy, a must-read for any and all bonsai lovers. 

Here is Michael's impressively unique Vine maple tower. In addition to a wide range of traditional bonsai skills and knowledge, Michael's fearlessness and humor when it comes to breaching established bonsai conventions is evident.  

Bonsai Heresy by Michael Hagedorn

This photo was posted in a review of Bonsai Heresy by Brown C. that reads as follows:

" Bonsai Heresy, by Michael Hagedorn, is an articulate, balanced, researched, captivating — and sometimes witty — discussion of bonsai topics covering everything from techniques, to supplies, to aesthetics. So thoughtful and well written, I couldn't put it down. It's a serious book, more than 300 pages, substantive for the longtime practitioner as well as accessible to the bonsai beginner. Personally, I agree with Michael's assessment and conclusions regarding — well, everything. I'm sure that I'll be going back to reread portions as various situations arise. I highly and enthusiastically recommend the book!!!"

For more on Dave de Groot, check out his New Zealand Bonsai Demo

For more on Michael Hagedorn, check out this collection of his bonsai


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Michael Hagedorn on Bonsai Bark

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