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A Cause for Celebration - Pacific Bonsai Museum's Living Art of Bonsai


It occurs to me that we could devote one post a week just to keep up with what's going on at the Pacific Bonsai Museum. I thought maybe Aarin Packard and friends could have rested after their brilliant book Natives was published, but it turns out they were just getting warmed up

Now we've got the Lab (Living Art of Bonsai), a project they started three years ago with the goal of advancing innovation and artistic expression in bonsai.

What I've seen so far should be a cause for celebration; the Lab stands at a the moment where ideas and execution come together in a way that is both spontaneous and well thought out (good planning can provide space for creativity and appreciation to arise). 

I could say a lot more and will soon, but for the moment I'd like to encourage you to sign up for the second live stream this Saturday. Here's your link. The rest is up to you


The brain trust, Ron Lang, Austin Heitzman and Ryan Neil (left to right) in deep contemplation




We'll leave these two shots to your imagination...


Another brilliant shot from Natives 

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