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Bonsai with a Sense of Humor


Nice tree, well photographed. And the shears add perspective. The artist is Paolo Selemi. Here's his mixed Italian and English caption... "Burgeriano in coltivazione da svariati anni, pane radicale pronto per vaso basso, work in progess!"  And here's the machine translation... "Burgeriano in cultivation for several years, radical bread (!?) ready for low vase, work in progress!"  By the way, I like his Italian-ized botanical name, Burgeriano for Trident maple

Today, I had the good fortune to stumble upon the bonsai of Paolo Salemi. Lots of good photos of high quality trees, some with Paolo included but each tree had at least one shot with just the tree. 

Another plus is Paolo is new to me. It's always good to discover someone new with bonsai chops
Continued below...


Another Burgeriano (Trident maple)

Continued from above...
On most days it's fairly easy to find good photos of top quality bonsai. But sometimes they are elusive. On those days nothing is good enough. Trees lack the requisite power or elegance or the photos are mediocre with cluttered backgrounds, poor lighting, or someone's mug distracting from the tree, or often even obscuring parts.

Not that I mind proud artists next to their trees, as long as there are photos of just the trees as well. Otherwise it would be like going to a museum where every painting has the artist standing next to it, often with their head blocking one corner. 


No identification given, but this powerful and craggy old tree looks a lot like a European olive. 


Now this is how it's done! Sense of humor and perspective too


A little contrast in size. It's a Kishu Shimpaku juniper


Great tree but we'll have to settle for not knowing what kind it is

There's more where these came from, so stay posted


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