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Pine Museum


Not only is this an extraordinary cascading bonsai, but there's a story being told about energy balancing by the way the candles are strongest on the bottom third of the tree. I won't say more here as there are plenty of variables when it comes to energy balancing, depending on the type of pine, your climate and other factors, including who's doing the explaining.

All the pines shown here were posted by Luis Vallejo. You might imagine that all reside at Luis’ Museo de Bonsai in Alcobendas, Spain, but we can't say for sure. No varieties are mentioned.

You might notice that the strong candles are at the top of tree in this photo. Timing is key when it comes to energy balancing. So without knowing where we are in the sequence, I wouldn't want to say much about this tree, except that with apically dominent trees like pines, much of the energy balancing has to do with inhibiting growth at the top and encouraging growth in the lower regions.

Later, after the candles have opened.

It looks like most of the candles on this one have been pinched and/or plucked in order to maintain an already well-balanced tree.

By allowing the candles to grow on the far right and encouraging more vigor, on that side you might imagine Luis would like the tree to extend farther in that direction. I think this makes sense as the left/right balance might be a little static right now.

Another one after the candles have opened.

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