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Boon Bonsai


After shot from Boon Manakitivipart's photos.

Here's Boon's caption: Itoigawa shimpaku 3 approached graft on San Jose trunk. Originally Hatanaka’s tree from Southern California cut back and wire. It will take a few more years before we show it.


This wild, wonderful juniper and rest of the trees shown here are also from Boon. No captions provided.

This distinctive tree looks suspiciously like a Larch.

Boon is on a roll with the crazy wild ones today. His nursery is at the foot of Sierras, so this pine just might be a local native.

Aha. Another juniper and a little more conventional this time. Though that little hook at the bottom does send a message.

Another juniper. I think we'll call this style Double S Curve.

We'll leave you with this Juniper jumble.

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