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Pots, Pines & Other Small Bonsai



Haruyosi Shohin pine with a twist

Continuing with yesterday’s small bonsai theme… Today it’s our old friend Haruyosi, a highly accomplished and prolific small bonsai and small pot artist. None of today’s photos have been shown here before. If you want more, you can enjoy a wealth of great photos on  Haruyosi’s fb site and here on Bonsai Bark as well.


No identification is provided, but this one looks like a Crabapple



You can see clearly that this is a two needle pine. Both Japanese black pines and Japanese red pines (Pinus densiflora) have two needles per fascicle, but black pines are much more popular, so that would my guess



Haruyosi makes his own pots



You don't see small pines with this much character every day. As you can see, the needles have just been thinned, but it looks like more need to come off



Twisted. Looks like a little Shimpaku



Apologies for the fuzz. I cropped the original for a closer look at the details

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