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Selling Bonsai & Buying Time – Bill’s Fire Sale



This awesome Full moon maple with its fiery foliage belongs to Bill Valavanis. Here's Bill's caption. "The Full moon maple was well developed, one of my favorite developed bonsai. Usually a colorful ribbon was tied to the lower branch to caution people not to damage the lovely branch. As many of my bonsai are, this Full moon maple is often changed in the garden according to season. It is always tied down with one or two pieces of sissy wire."

We can’t go too long without featuring Bill Valavanis. Especially getting this close to the 6th U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition (in addition to being  a Hall of Fame bonsai artist, teacher, author, publisher etc, Bill is the prime mover behind the Exhibition). If you can only go to one bonsai event in the next two years, make it this one. It’s the premier U.S. & North American bonsai event and it only happens once  every two years. We look forward to seeing you there!



Buying Time – Bill’s Fire Sale

Here’s what Bill wrote about his upcoming Fire Sale… “Join us on July 28-29, 2018 for a Fire Sale! to reduce plant material to allow me time to teach, train bonsai, publish International BONSAI and organize the US National Bonsai Exhibition.

BILLHORNAnother delicious deciduous bonsai that belongs to Bill Valavanis. I doubt if this Red leaf hornbeam or the Full moon maple above will be offered at Bill's fire sale, but you can count of some excellent bonsai and bonsai material being offered



Less than two months to make your arrangements. You'll kick yourself if you wake up on September 8th and you're not there!

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