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One Finger Bonsai and Other Tiny Treasures


You don't see too many one finger bonsai. When they're this small they can't support much in the way of branches and leaves. Just a little trunk and three leaf stems in this case. And then there's the colorful little pot, which is so tiny that it doesn't overwhelm. Large pots with bright designs like this are few and far between

Today's photos are borrowed from Michael Bonsai. A near endless source of quality photos of Japanese bonsai. No species or owner are given


I like this little Japanese maple with its perfect pot, moss and fresh new leaves. It's tiny too, but just a little too big for one finger 


Bigger still and a whole lot more trunk, branching and leaves. It's amazing what just a little more soil can provide for


I'm still in the throes of repotting (mostly larches and nothing nearly as small as these), so we'll keep this post short and sweet, just like the trees



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