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The Future of Bonsai?


This little gem looks a lot like a Japanese white pine

If your seniority has dawned or is getting close, you probably realize that sooner or later you may need to downsize your bonsai collection. If not in numbers, then at least in the size trees you can work with. 

The older we get, and we all get older (until we don’t), the harder it is to work with and especially move larger trees
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Like Wednesday's post, today's photos are borrowed from Michael Bonsai. A near endless source of quality photos of Japanese bonsai. No species or owners are given


Though experience has taught me that guessing is a dangerous game, still, this one looks a lot like a Trident maple

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Also, it’s not unusual to move into smaller housing after retirement, or at least eventually, which often means there’s less room for bonsai.

Time to think Shohin, or even Mame!


I think I recognize this one, but we'll leave the guessing to you 


Nice pot. It's quite common to see small trees in decorative pots



Looks like a Needle juniper




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